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Monday, September 28, 2015

I feel like I've recently experienced a major detour. A major life detour. My husband Jake and I have been working toward something for so long and now our course has suddenly taken on a completely new direction. I suppose that is how life is. Sometimes God has a different plan for you than what you had for yourself. You just have to trust him and let him guide you to something better.

Since we got married almost 4 years ago we had been working toward Jake getting his teaching license so that we could move overseas to Hong Kong where he would teach English and I would be home raising our kids in a new and exciting culture. We got the education, the needed teaching license and was even accepted into the Hong Kong government teaching program all like we had planned. However, no job offers came to us like we had hoped.

Although the plan of moving over-seas to ending up staying here in Utah has dramatically changed our long-loved plans and goals we have been able to do amazing things staying here in Utah. I say "long-loved" because we really did fall in love with the idea of moving to Hong Kong. However, despite a change in that plan we've done the un-thinkable (at least in my mind) and just bought our own beautiful home! Something I didn't dream us getting so early in our married life. We adopted the cutest little golden retriever pup, Ruger, who is our baby and have had many other amazing opportunities come to us right here where we already are.

Even though we had to change out plans from something we really head set our hopes on for a long time I've come to the conclusion that as long as I'm with my sweetheart and I try to make the absolute best with what I have then life will be awesome no matter what. Enough said.

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