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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I'm the type of person who loves to research things to the point of exhaustion before going ahead and purchasing it. Makeup is no different. 

I'm always looking for makeup with the best ingredients and even more especially makeup that doesn't have the bad ingredients. For the most part I try and get organic makeup but when it came to finding the best go-to all-matte eyeshadow palette the Tartelette from the brand Tarte kept bringing me back to stare at it longingly at the store again and again.  I mean just look at it! it's so cute.

Here are solid facts about why I love this palette, aside from it's "cuteness":

1. The founder and creator of Tarte is a woman who found herself wanting makeup with ingredients that she wouldn't be afraid using and where the packaging looked really attractive so that it felt really good to bring out and use. I have to admit it gives me that kid in a candy store feeling when I bring it out to use. My husband Jake couldn't believe how excited I was when I got it. I kept making high girlish, giggly noises when I showed him the palette and was explaining everything about it in detail.

2. Their makeup is made without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate (all typical but harmful preservatives used in leading drug store and high end makeup brands) and is cruelty-free.

3. The consistency is soft, blendable and very pigmented. It lasts all day which is big for me since I have very oily eyelids. Tarte makeup is made from Amazonian Clay so it is great for controlling oil without being drying whatsoever. Whether you have oily, dry or neutral type skin their formula will worth with your skin and will apply very effortlessly and make your eyes look great all day.

4. Colors look great on skin-tones from fair to darker tones.

The colors are:
Top row, left to right: free spirit (cream), force of nature (nude), dreamer (warm brown), multi-taker (chocolate)
2nd row, left to right: caregiver (pale pink), natural beauty (mauve), best friend (mulberry), bombshell (dark plum)
3rd row, left to right: super mom (ivory), wanderer (light brown), power player (taupe), fashionista (black)

I was looking for an all-matte palette because I feel matte colors are more flattering on me since I have hooded eyelids. Having hooded lids means that the area of your eye above your eye crease covers a lot or most of your eye lid.

This look is created using:

1. the shade wanderer on the entire lid, covering up until just underneath the brow. This will act as a base color that will give your eyes a blank canvas to work on.

2. then use the shade multi-tasker on the bottom portion of your lid ending at the crease of your eyelid. If you have hooded eyelids like me then take multi-tasker a little above the crease.

3.Use a blending brush and blend and even out the color.

Whether you love using just matte colors or would like a great collection of mattes to go with the shimmer or glittery eyeshadows for more dramatic looks the Tartlette has been an amazing all-around palette and that I have felt has been a great purchase. I have yet to find an organic all-matte eyeshadow palette. Believe me I've looked. This slightly shimmery eyeshadow pallete has been my favorite organic eyeshadow palette that I often will use with the Tartlette.

Let me know if you've had a chance to use this palette or what eyeshadow you love to use and especially if you know of any great natural/organic brands!

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  1. If I ever splurge on eyeshadow, this will be it! All matte is what I need too! Looks super chic..


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