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Saturday, August 13, 2016

I have really been loving this app!
I've used it for about 4 months now and has been such a simple way to get back on what we buy for groceries. I've tried to find another app that is just as good but I haven't found one.

How it works:

1. First, you can make a grocery list to help you keep track of everything you need to get (I usually skip this part since Jake and I use a Google Keep that is shared between us so that we both can see and update our grocery list on our respective phones. Google Keep is where you can jot down quick memos or lists and is designed to look like a bunch of sticky notes.)

2. Select rebates from the list and click on 'unlock' rebate. It will tell you right then what rebate amount you will receive for buying that particular item. You can browse by groceries or clothing and then select which stores you want to view rebates for.

3. Lastly, when you have purchased the item scan its bar code. When you've scanned all the bar codes for all of the items you want to receive rebates for then it will ask you to scan the reciept...

...and VOILA! Usually I'll receive the credit in my app right away or sometimes later the same day so it's very quick.

I've averaged about $20 a month which I've used to get clothes I've been really wanting to get. It's really nice to have extra money to be able to indulge in things you would like to get for yourself. You can trade in your ibotta cash for paypal money or to get different giftcards to places like Applebees or Old Navy.

There are also a bunch a bonuses you can reach for extra money which has also been a great feature.

Try it and let me know what you think!

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