Hey Guys! So I'm Jess and this is Jake and I'm so glad you decided to spend 5 minutes to stop by! Seriously.

This blog is dedicated to creating a rock-hard strong, safe, industrious, beautiful, healthy, happy and fun home! 

Flying = to elevate and uplift
Bunker = a safe haven

My husband and I often talk about how the world with all of its expectations and influences really beat down on the home and family. However, I know with hard work our homes can be the most amazing place on earth. Join us as we tackle DIY projects, debunking the myths of husband-approved clean dinners, input our expenses into our super-detailed budget and try to come up ways to love each other more.

See you around the bunker!

If we wish to contact me please feel free to email me at jessicabagley90@gmail.com

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